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<a href=””>Cappy Cap has some good advice for kids going to school and what they should drive.</a> I had a car payment once, but I used it to build credit and I bought a used car that I myself got hundreds of thousands of miles out of. I now drive an old diesel Benz that I named Dina, because she runs on dinosaur fuel and I don’t think I did that bad because after the few hundred thousand miles I put on her she has only cost me less than $600 bucks in repairs over the years (not counting general&nbsp;maintenance&nbsp;like tires and oil changes etc..). Not only that, but what types of vehicles you want in the young man’s game of the quest to pick up chicks (not my game anymore, found a good one and wont let her go).<br />
<br />
So what types of cars do you suggest for young men or women to purchase in order to not hurt their pocket books, but have cool factor as well???


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